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I am an A Level Physics tutor covering the Swindon, Oxford, Wantage, Didcot and Newbury areas. Based in Wantage, tuition can be provided either at my premises or at the student's home. I am also a maths exam coach - Oxford and Wantage being my principal geographical areas - providing exam coaching in GCSE maths and A Level Mechanics.

My aim is to help students get on track to achieve their maximum potential. Sometimes only a little help is needed to identify and overcome the difficulties which are holding up the student. In my own case (and this is some years back now!) a few lessons of extra tuition in A Level Maths resulted in my test grades increasing from the D's and E's which I had been getting, to A's and A*'s. This may sound hard to believe, but I assure you it is true. I went on to achieve the A Level grades to allow me to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge - a possibility which I had almost abandoned before those few incredibly helpful lessons.

I target my tuition closely to the relevant syllabus and focus strongly on exam practice. Different students have different learning styles, and I tailor my lessons to be most appropriate for the individual. To attain the highest results, it is clearly important that students enjoy their learning. I aim to provide material and teaching approaches which are stimulating, challenging and enjoyable for each individual student - with the clear objective of achieving those sought-for grades.


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